Aims & Objectives

Arab Food Safety Conference 2022, the first ever and world largest 30 Days Mega Event in the global history, aims to accumulate ardent minds ranging from frontiers to novices to discover, explore and create prospects to safe and sustainable food chain all over the Arab World.

Our focus is to create a medium to connect eminent personalities from different backgrounds of Food Safety, Quality, Productivity, Toxicology, Microbiology, Preservation, Adulteration, Waste Management, Academia, Researchers, Regulators, Auditors, Trainers and Consultants. 

The creation of food safety and food hygiene awareness in public is the fore most objective of this event. At the end of the day, our desired aims and objectives are but not limited to:

  1. To promote Food Safety, Food Security, Corporate Culture, Food Supply Chain Sustainability in Arab Nations by learning from the best in practices, locally, regionally and globally.
  2. To use food safety and food security as a catalyst for economic growth and development and for improvement of public health and quality of life in all aspects and to create opportunities for individuals, organizations and communities through advancement of food safety knowledge and by working in collaboration and partnership regionally and internationally.
  3. Clubbing together and linking the regional food safety experts on one platform, where they can share the information, create business connection and networking for better business performance
  4. To promote common interests, share experiences and facilitate regular exchanges and the free flow of ideas amongst the Arab Nations
  5. To encourage the adoption of Food Safety System at all levels in the GCC, Middle East and North African countries through active awareness and year around education programs
  6. Strengthen commitment at the highest political level to scale up food safety Agenda for safe and sustainable development of food supply chain
  7. Support the food industry to benchmark international good practices to be adopted in the local food sector
  8. Increase the level of food safety regulation and regulatory compliance in GCC, Middle East and North Africa Region
  9. To develop the competence of food workforce related to food safety systems and standards across the food chain to lead the food industry towards safe and sustainable food systems.
  10. Identify opportunities for future partnerships, associations and collaborations among the local and regional players in food sector.
  11. To help the government and relevant bodies to devise and enact policies for sustainable solutions pertaining to food, food safety, food security and public health. 
  12. To take initiatives for mobilizing the government entities to facilitate and prioritize the placement of food professions in relevant government and private sector entities.
  13. To promote the core concept of knowledge-based economy considering farming, food processing, catering and retail as integral component for regional growth.
  14. To develop cross border consortiums and signing MoUs with same minded platform to promote the food profession in Arab world
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