Chief Summit Officer Message

Being the Chief Summit Officer of the ARAB FOOD SAFETY SUMMIT 2022, I would like to personally welcome each of you to attend the world’s largest and a first ever food safety conference to be held in 6 countries conducted over 24 days and jointly with six countries in the Arab World. This surely is an historical achievement and a first ever mammoth task to be undertaken to promote food safety in the Arab Region.

The COVID PANDEMIC has brought about immense difficulties and the food industry has been subjected to unprecedented challenges, a universal phenomenon, including the Arab Region.

The Arab Food Safety Summit is being held to render the utmost benefit for the Arab Region. It is an exciting time for all food safety professionals to come forward to attend the Summit to establish premier multidisciplinary platform and provide the international, regional, and local food stake holders the latest information and technology to benefit their respective communities. It is the right time to develop relationships, strengthen the professional networking in the interest of food productivity, quality, food safety and global supply chain and food safety management.

To provide the latest information on implementing food safety standards we have invited more than 30 distinguished food safety experts from all over the world to speak at the summit. We will have 30 plus sessions during 24 days of conference. Workshops will be conducted by world renowned experts to impart practical knowhow to implement latest food safety concepts in food establishments in the region.

In addition, an exhibition has been planned parallel to the Summit. The professional from leading food companies will be establishing exhibits and will be sharing their latest technological developments in the areas of training, certification, industrial food manufacturing and hygiene in food sector will be showcased.  

The Arab Food Safety Summit is a comprehensive event, packed with the latest and most relevant information you cannot afford to miss. Looking forward to meeting all food professionals for the benefit of the communities you serve in your respective regions.

Yaser Nazir

Chief Summit Officer
Arab Food Safety Summit 2022

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