Food Chain Stake Holders

ARAB FOOD SAFETY SUMMIT STAKEHOLDERS is not only the food community across the FOOD CHAIN but everyone how is interested party in the food supply chain right from Farm and until the end of food chain, the Fork

The food sector starts right from seed production to animal insemination and ending at retail and catering operation. The food chain has diverse and different operation and processes collectively contributing into the food safety, food security and food chain sustainability. There is a long list of the food chain stakeholders spread all over the world and working in almost every country.

A list of stakeholders for Arab Food Safety Summit is here but no limited to:

  1. Agriculture Farming Operation
  2. Aquaculture Farming Business Operators
  3. Poultry Farming Operation
  4. Animal Farming Operation
  5. Dairy Farming Operation
  6. Horticulture (Fruits and Vegetable Production)
  7. Food Warehousing & Logistics
  8. Animal and Poultry Feed Milling Operation
  9. Grain & Flour Milling Operation
  10. Slaughterhouse Operation
  11. Meat Processing Operation
  12. Poultry Processing Operation
  13. Seafood Processing Operation
  14. Fruits and Vegetable Processing Operation
  15. Sugar Can Milling and Sugar Technology Providers
  16. Sugar Confectionary Operation
  17. Chocolate Production and Processing
  18. Flour Confectionary Operation
  19. Baking and Bakery Sector
  20. Fats and Oil Processing Operation
  21. Honey Production Operation
  22. Dehydration Division
  23. Dairy Sector
  24. Ice Cream Production
  25. Cheese Production
  26. Canning Sector
  27. Carbonated Beverages Sector
  28. Non-Carbonated Beverages Sector
  29. Dry Fruits, Nuts and Seeds Production
  30. Water Purification and Production Operation
  31. Baby Food & Infant Formula Production Operation
  32. Food Nutrition and Dietetics Sector
  33. Nutraceuticals Sector
  34. Organic Food Production
  35. Food Packaging Division
  36. Hotel and Culinary Division
  37. Quick-Service Restaurant (QSR)
  38. Catering Sector
  39. Retail Sector
  40. Coffee Shops Operation
  41. Machinery and Equipment Manufacturers
  42. Food Plan Design, Installation & Maintenance Services Providers
  43. Food Ingredients & Additives Suppliers
  44. Research and Development Services Providers
  45. Hygiene and Sanitation Solutions Providers
  46. Water Tank Solution Providers
  47. Pest Control Services Companies
  48. Food Quality Management and Food Safety Management Services Providers
  49. HALAL Management System Services Providers
  50. Food Defense & Food Fraud Experts
  51. Food Marketing & Sales Sector
  52. Food Buying House
  53. Regulatory & Compliance Enforcement Agencies
  54. Food Academia Division
  55. Learning & Development Centers
  56. Food Testing and Analytical Services Providers
  57. Food Equipment Calibration Services Providers
  58. Auditing & Certification Services Providers
  59. Hotel and Hospitality Industry
  60. Convenience Food Industry
  61. Fresh Cut Industry
  62. Frozen Dough Industry
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