Amin N. Eleimat (Olaimat)

Amin N. Eleimat (Olaimat)
Associate Professor of Food Science, Department of Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics, Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences, The Hashemite University

Thirteen years of research and teaching experience in the field of food science and safety. Excellent experience in current microbiology techniques, analysis and sampling of food and environmental samples, design of experiments, and analysis of results. Experience in Good Manufacturing and Agricultural Practices, HACCP system, ISO 22000, and food regulations.Head and member of several academic and national committees at the Hashemite University, Jordan.

Amin N. Olaimat is an associate professor of Food Safety and Hygiene and he is currently working as Chair of the Department of Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics at the Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences, The Hashemite University in Jordan. Olaimat completed his Ph.D. in Food Science from the University of Manitoba in Canada and obtained his BSc. and MSc. degrees from the Jordan University of Science and Technology.

Olaimat has a remarkable research profile where he published more than 65 peer-reviewed papers that addressed many aspects of food safety and microbiology and published in the most renowned international journals of food microbiology and safety. Olaimat has participated in 23 conferences and published two book chapters. His research mainly focused on food safety issues of traditional foods common in the Mediterranean area and he utilized medicinal plants and natural preservatives to control foodborne pathogens and bacterial antibiotic resistance. Further, Olaimat is actively involved in conducting research with investigators in Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Canada, United States, and several other countries. Olaimat has also a good citation record where his publications have been cited by 1900 times with an H-index of 20 and an i10-index of 36 according to Google scholar.

Olaimat received many awards and scholarships including Travel Award for a Food Safety Professional in a Country with a Developing Economy (2021) from the International Association for food protection; the “Outstanding researcher in food safety” under the Public Health Discipline (2021) from Venus International Foundation; the Hashemite University fellowship for his Ph.D. program, the University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowship and James W. Barlow Graduate Fellowship from University of Manitoba, Percy Gitelman Memorial Scholarship (05/2014) from the Canadian Meat Science Association. Olaimat was also awarded several travel awards from the Hashemite University and the University of Manitoba.

Olaimat was served as Dean Assistant at the Hashemite University and he is currently serving as a Head or member of several academic and national committees. Olaimat is serving as an editorial board member of Frontiers in Microbiology, Frontiers in Public Health, Frontiers in Nutrition.

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