Dr. Moawiya A. Haddad

Dr Moawiya A Haddad
Dr. Moawiya A. Haddad is an Associate professor at Al-Balqa Applied University (BAU), a food scientist holding a Ph.D. in nutrition and food technology in food safety, functional food, and product development.

He was appointed on MSC certificate as an instructor in BAU in 2003 and starts teaching in the Shoubak college, department of agricultural sciences teaching food science and human nutrition courses, and supervising the college’s dairy factory. While he was working as an instructor in BAU, he worked as a food consultant for the Jordanian Foodstuffs merchants association from 2003-2005 and represent merchants in different governmental technical committees, including all technical food committees of Jordanian standards, J-FDA committees (permanent food safety committee, food lab tests objections, and higher food committee), and Ministry of Environment (Biosafety committee). He starts his Ph.D. study to finally get the degree in 2011 nutrition and food technology when BAU changed his appointment to be an assistant professor. He taught different food science and nutrition courses. He was promoted to associate professor in August 2017. In Sep 2018, Dr. Moawiya was appointed as the head of the department of nutrition and food processing in BAU and still to Feb 7, 2021. He also worked as the vice chairman for the Jordanian dietetic association (JDA) between 2016-2019 and the vice-chairman for the Jordanian Society of sensory evaluation of food (JSSEF) for the same period. He is the team leader for sensory evaluation of olive oil in Jordan and a panel leader recognized by the international olive council (IOC-Madrid) since 2017 and till now. Dr. Moawiya published more than 45 articles in scientific and peer-reviewed international journals in food safety, food microbiology, product development, shelf life extension, dairy technology, functional foods & probiotics, food biotechnology, phenolic compounds, Antioxidants, Antimicrobials, functional peptides, and nutritional assessment. Now he has two recently published Springer books (2021) related to food traceability of Jordanian traditional food and chemical Profiles of selected Jordanian foods.

He is a member of different local and international scientific societies of food like an Ambassador for Global Harmonization Initiative (GHI), representing BAU at EFFoST, a member in INFOGEST scientific group, and a member of ISEKI. Dr. Moawiya works in teaching, research, and training duties at graduate, and undergraduate levels of BAU and for governmental and NGO’s foundations. He taught food safety, food microbiology, dairy technology, food technology, food product development, food chemistry, and nutritional assessment subjects.  His experience in research and University education was extended for more than twenty years.

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