Dr. Monther Sadder

Dr Monther Sadder
Professor of Plant Biotechnology and Genomics. Department Head at the School of Agriculture, University of Jordan, Jordan.

He earned his Ph.D. in Biotechnology from the University of Hohenheim, Germany. Dr. Sadder is a certified trainer in GMO food biosafety, risk assessment, and clearinghouse protocols from GenØk, Norway. He was a Biosafety committee member at the Ministry of Environment, Jordan. He is engaged in Food Biosafety training and research. And currently a member of the Biosafety and Biosecurity committee at the University of Jordan.

A major research domain of Dr. Sadder covers the detection of food adulteration using DNA fingerprinting tools, including milk, cheese, meat, and oil. In addition, he is engaged in GMO detection in food products using specific molecular markers. Dr. Sadder’s lab is a major reference in Jordan for food safety assessment using cutting-edge molecular techniques. The lab has an outstanding track record in resolving major cases and disputes related to food safety in Jordan.

Finally, he is recently concerned about compiling legislations and bylaws related to “Gene-Edited” food and food products, especially in detection methods and required risk assessment procedures.

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