Raju Sebastian MIH, PME

Raju Sebastian

Deputy General Manager, Rezayat Catering (Rezayat Trading Company Ltd) Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia

Global Hospitality Management/ Strategic direction of Hospitality business/ Accelerated revenue and growth/ Property(Hotel/Residential compounds) development and Management/Remote site food service solutions/ Business Cases/Balance score card implementation process/ ISO quality systems implementation/Business restructuring/International tenders

Accomplished Hotel and Hospitality executive with 20+yers of operating and general management experience on Residential properties/Hotels/Catering projects. Expert at scaling operations,planning and initiating critical business activities driven by strong revenue and earnings growth within start up, management ,turnaround and rapid change environments.

Core competencies include

Strategic hospitality business management expertise in large Catering organizations.

  • Managing Hotels, Residential Complexes, Retail sectors and Contract Catering including remote locations oil rigs.
  • Residential project development and business cases
  • Tender review and Management

IMS implementation

General Management/Development of Residential Properties/ Business Cases/Performance and quality systems/Strategic Business planning with Balance card concept/ International Bids formulation/ISO 9001-2015 quality system implementation/ Hospitality business optimisation

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