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AFSS Partners

Partners are those organizations which are aiming to support the Arab Food Safety Summit strategically and want to be a partner in achieving the aims and objectives of Arab Food Safety Summit. The patterning organization will be sharing the commercial benefits form the events as per terms and conditions agreed. This category is suitable for the organizations like travel agencies, hotels, transportation, media houses, social media activities and digital marketers.

AFSS Affiliate

Affiliate is an organization which is aiming to support the Arab Food Safety Summit strategically and play and an advisory role but without any commercial interest. These organizations can be from local, regional and international but must be a stakeholder in the food chain safety, security and sustainability. This category is mainly suitable for regional and international organizations like FAO, WHO, FDA etc. 

Professional Associates

Professional Associates is the category for working food professionals in any sector of food i.e. farming, logistic, manufacturing, catering, retail etc. who want to associate with the Arab Food Safety Summit without any commercial interest. Any food professional who has less than 10 years of working experience and wishing to associate with this Social Initiative to contribute towards food community development. Such Professional Associates will be enlisted in the Arab Food Safety Summit website and will be awarded as a “Certificate of Professional Associate” by the Summit Management.

Summit Volunteers

The volunteers are individuals who are willing to join pre-event, during and post event technical and administrative activities with or without commercial interest. This category is specially for students who want to gain practical know how.

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