Khaled Omar Bamasaq

Khaled Omar Bamasaq
14 years’ experience in food industry (at Gulf Union Foods Company - juice manufacturing)

Positions and Responsibilities

  • Quality assurance supervisor: approving, accepting or rejecting of new/incoming raw, packaging materials. Complying of materials with our standards. Complying of process steps to regulatory and food safety.
  • Regulatory affairs in charge: confirm of confirmation of all related local, gulf and international standard in manufacturing of product and label.
  • RND Department: making of formulation , testing , costing and approving.
  • Food safety team member: to confirm that all steps are implemented to keep product safe.
  • I train students of the food department from King Saud University periodically in the factory
  • Radiation Safety Officer (2009-2018): beside all of above responsibility , I were a RSO in plant to record reading and control the GAMA Ray Source in plant, then report to KACST Radiation Safety Department.
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