Awards Aims and Objectives

The Food Awards provide the food industry with a vehicle to recognize and reward the achievements of those who

work tirelessly to ensure the safety of our food supply. We encourage all food safety professionals to nominate for the awards, to

celebrate and acknowledge the important work which happens daily to ensure the safety of our food supply.

The Awards Scheme is stimulus to food professional working in the area of food safety, quality, food security, productivity and sustainability of food chain to perform better, best that can lead toward excellence in people performance. 

The core concept is to implement the food safety principles and techniques in order to raise the food safety performance. The award also aims at honoring the best performing food professionals that achieve the highest standards of food safety achievements

The award is a way to achieve excellence in people performance improvement. The award provides specific benchmarks that enable food professionals to measure their performance in several key areas to help them continuously improve skills to identify, prioritize, organize and review personal goals in order to achieve continual personal development.

The Award Scheme established is the mother’s award for People Excellence in the Arb World. Therefore, participation in the award is considered one of the most important indicators of the adoption of food safety, food security, sustainability and excellence by the leaders of the establishments and the provision of products and services that meet and exceed the aspirations of the beneficiaries.​

  1. Provide an ideal platform for sharing food safety best practices and reference comparisons among local, regional and international food professional and transferring successful experiences to different food sectors.
  2. Honoring and encouraging the distinguished food professionals by winning the award and highlighting them as a good example in the society, which will positively reflect on others and create a positive atmosphere for competition towards excellence.
  3. Increasing the effectiveness of the participation of food professionals in building society and promoting sustainability in all fields of working, family and social life at large.
  4. Raising awareness and spreading the culture of food safety and people excellence and its applications in society and between different food sectors all over the Arab World.
  5. Stimulating the food professionals to adopt the food safety principles, practices and institutionalize excellence in their performance through the adoption and application novel and international developmental of standards.
  6. Enhance the concepts and applications of measuring people performance and continuous improvement of food professionals in order to satisfy the beneficiaries and all concerned.
  7. Working to raise the quality of food professionals and strengthen their efforts and enable them to compete at the global level.
  8. Upgrading the level of management and leadership skill to achieve the objectives of the overall people performance quality and to fulfill its responsibilities.
  9. Urging food professionals to comply with national and international standards and standards.
  10. An independent panel has been set up to shortlist the award nomination finalists, to be announced on Arab Food Safety Summit.  
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