Exhibition Packages

Arab Food Safety Summit 2022, the first ever and world largest 30 Days Mega Event in the global history, aims to accumulate ardent minds ranging from frontiers to novices to discover, explore and create prospects to safe and sustainable food chain all over the Arab World.

We offer a very basic exhibition package, ranging from branding and speaking opportunities, company product flyers distribution etc. If any of the exhibitors wishing to have a customized promotion activity, please feel free to contact the event organizing committee.

The exhibition will be for 2 days and planned in parallel to the Arab Food Safety Summit 2022.

The exhibitors fee is SAR 20,000/- for one location. If you are interested to exhibit at 2 locations, the fee will be SAR 40,000/- and for 3 locations the fee will be SAR 60,000.

This fee is without 15% VAT and the 15% VAT will be invoiced with the exhibitor’s fee. Companies will be given choice of booth position in order of their booking date. During the booking process please submit your top three preferences.

Please review all exhibit information carefully before selecting your preferred booth locations. Once complete the online or offline, return the Exhibit Contract to the event management.

This fee will cover the below services.

  1. Free event registration for 2 exhibitors as “Exhibitor”
  2. Prebuilt exhibitor’s booth
  3. Your company name on the fascia board
  4. Lights inside the booth
  5. Back wall and at least 1 side wall
  6. Tables: 01
  7. Chairs: 02
  8. 1 electrical 3-pin Socket Basic stationary
  9. Waste bin
  10. Daily cleaning services
  11. Conference pocket size schedule
  12. Free lunch for 2 exhibitors
  13. Conference attendance as per detail provided in the conference sponsorships area
  14. Workshops attendance as per detail provided in the conference sponsorships area
  15. Company listing with link to exhibitor’s website on the online exhibitor listing
  16. Bare floor space which gives you the option to use your own suppliers to design and build your own stand

You can bring your own signs, posters and banners to be displayed in your booth. You can even bring your tools and equipment provided these are registered with event management team.

It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to bring all the additional marketing and displaying items with them a least a day before the event start.

An opportunity to build your own unique stand with your own specifications and designs. You will be placed in contact with our official contractors or can use your own contractors to customize your stand, fittings, and furniture.

We can help you design a layout and suggest options from our team of experts. If you need any additional services, tools or equipment, please feel free to contact the event organizer. The event organizer will be more than happy to facilitate to exhibitors to arrange or manage any more services with or without any additional cost. 

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