Exhibition Terms & Conditions

Exhibition terms and conditions for Arab Food Safety Summit 2022

  1. “Management” means the Arab Food Safety Summit Organizing Committee Members
  2. “Exhibitor” means the company submitting the Contract to Management to participate in the Food Safety Summit as an exhibitor.
  3. Exhibition requests and contract will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.
  4. After receipt of the Filled, Signed and Stamped Exhibition Agreement Form, an invoice will be addressed to you corresponding to the amount of your sponsorship.
  5. The invoiced amount will be as per the agreement where the initial invoice will be minimum 50% of total Exhibitor’s fee.
  6. The issued invoiced shall be settled within 30 days from the date of issuance.
  7. If there are extra days required to settle the invoice, it shall be agreed in writing with the conference management.
  8. If the payment is not settled within 30 days, the exhibition agreement shall be conserved as cancelled.
  9. If the exhibition agreement is cancelled due to non-payment, you can resubmit the exhibition agreement to the conference management.
  10. The resubmitted agreement may be entertained, provided if the exhibition space and opportunity is still available.
  11. The second invoice shall be issued at least 90 days before the event and shall be settled at least 60 days before the event.
  12. If the second (final) invoice is not settled 60 days before the event, the exhibition agreement shall be considered as null and void (Cancelled Automatically).
  13. Exhibition Agreement signed 60 days before the event must be accompanied by 100 % payment in advance.
  14. Payment in Saudi Riyal should be in a form of company cheque or can be transferred to conference organizing and management company account.
  15. The bank detail needs to make cheque or bank transfer is made available in the “Sponsorship Agreement”.
  16. In case of cancellation of this agreement by the exhibitor prior to the event, no refund will be made
  17. The exhibition fee is nonrefundable, non-claimable and will not returned in any case.
  18. The conference management reserves the right to cancel this agreement at any time.
  19. If the agreement is cancelled by conference management, then the full exhibition amount will be refunded.
  20. During the hours of the Exhibition, Exhibitor will have the right to occupy the contracted booth space.
  21. Exhibitor may not sublease Booth Space, or any part thereof, or otherwise grant rights to use the Booth Space to any person other than Exhibitor’s own employees and/or agents
  22. Exhibitor must get its exhibition ready at assigned Booth Space before 7:0am of the day 1 of the event start.
  23. If Exhibitor has not set up and put an exhibit in order by 7:00am on the day 1 of the evet, Management will have the right to terminate this Contract with Cause and assign the Booth Space to another exhibitor, or make such other use of the space deemed necessary or appropriate.
  24. Setup hours and days are subject to change by Management in its sole discretion
  25. Where an exhibitor’s display is built beyond the limitations and restrictions as set in these rules and regulations governing exhibits, Food Safety Summit Management reserves the right to correct such display violations by having the exhibitor alter, remove, or rearrange any or all of the display so that it will be in compliance.
  26. Food Safety Summit Management reserves the right to modify the floor plan if in its sole judgment it is in the best overall interest of the exposition.
  27. Exhibitors are responsible for the costs of shipping any promotional material to and from the event venue, and any costs for storage of materials at the venue.
  28. All exhibition items are to be provided by the exhibitors.
  29. All production costs of relevant items are responsibility of the exhibitors.
  30. Exhibitors are also responsible for any fees related to displaying or serving their products during the event.
  31. Each exhibit must be open for the full duration of official hours designated by Arab Food Safety Summit Management.
  32. No exhibitor shall remove any or all parts of said display prior to the official moveout/dismantling time.
  33. Exhibitor must keep its exhibit intact until the closing of the Exhibition at Day 2 of the event until 2000 Hours
  34. Giveaways, magazines, merchandise, and souvenirs may be distributed only within the exhibitor’s booth.
  35. Exhibitor may not use loudspeakers, recording equipment, television sets and radios, and operating machinery without Management’s prior written consent.
  36. Exhibitor is liable for any damage caused to building floors, walls or columns, or to standard booth equipment or to other exhibitors’ property.
  37. Exhibitor may not apply paint, lacquer, adhesives or other coating to building columns and floors or to standard booth equipment
  38. Admission to the exhibit hall is open to the public. Children less than 16 years of age are not permitted in the exhibit hall at any time (set up, show hours, and/or tear down).
  39. If the Exhibition is postponed for any reason, then, in its discretion, Management will have a period of 90 days from the postponement date to reschedule and reproduce the Exhibition.
  40. If the Exhibition is rescheduled and reproduced within this period, then all aspects of this Contract will remain intact and Exhibitor will reschedule its exhibit to participate in the rescheduled Exhibition.
  41. If the Exhibition is cancelled or terminated for any reason, then Management may terminate this Contract without Cause and Exhibitor waives all claims the Exhibitor might have against Management for damages and expenses and will accept in complete satisfaction and discharge of all claims against Management a refund of all amounts paid by the Exhibitor to Management in accordance with this Contract.
  42. Management will not be liable to Exhibitor and will not be required to perform its obligations hereunder, if the performance of this Contract is hindered, delayed, or prevented by any circumstances beyond the reasonable control of Management, including, but without limiting the generality of the foregoing, any strike, labor shortage, lockout, fire, explosion, act of God or the public enemy, war, terrorism, riot, interference by the military or governmental authorities, or compliance with the laws of Saudi Arabia or with the laws, regulations or orders of any relevant governmental authority (“Force Majeure Event”), provided that Management gives Exhibitor prompt written notice of the occurrence of such Force Majeure Event.
  43. If the Exhibition is cancelled or terminated because of a Force Majeure Event, then Exhibitor waives all claims the exhibitor might have against Management for damages and expenses in connection with this Contract.
  44. Management reserves the right to deny any company from exhibiting or participating in event at any time for any reason at their sole discretion.
  45. All ancillary event sponsorships, marketing opportunities and messaging options are only available to companies that have purchased exhibit space or have express the written consent of management.
  46. Exhibitor must remove its exhibit from the Booth Space and exhibition hall after 8:00pm on day 2 of the event
  47. If Exhibitor has not removed all exhibit material from the Booth Space and exhibition hall by the Dismantling Date and time, it will be deemed abandoned and Management may, in its sole discretion, remove and dispose of such material
  48. Dismantle hours and days are subject to change by Management in its sole discretion.
  49. NO SMOKING allowed in any public space in the hotel This includes exhibit halls, restrooms, lobbies, corridors, exhibit areas, and meeting rooms.
  50. Any matters not specifically covered by the terms, conditions, rules and regulations of the exhibit shall be subject solely to the decision of Arab Food Safety Summit Management.
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