Why to Visit Exhibition?

Arab Food Safety Summit 2022, the first ever and world largest 30 Days Mega Event in the global history, aims to accumulate ardent minds ranging from frontiers to novices to discover, explore and create prospects to safe and sustainable food chain all over the Arab World.

  1. Observe pioneering technologies, tools and solutions manufactured by renowned international and local companies for the food sector.
  2. Witness outstanding innovations and dynamic new workflows that are utilized to provide environmentally-friendly and reliable solutions for different vertical food processes along the food chain.
  3. Acquire access to the necessary tools for enhancing production levels and develop ground-breaking products with the confidence of food safety and customer acceptance
  4. Establish ties with 100+ exhibitors from GCC, Middle East and North Africa Region.
  5. Design novel business solutions by participating in discussions and presentations related to new products and equipment’s for food sector.
  6. Explore latest trends in the area of agriculture, anima farming, food processing, regulatory framework and associated industries and align your business strategy with industry dynamics to benefit from emerging opportunities.
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