Cesare Varallo

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Cesare is a food lawyer based in Italy and founder of Foodlawlatest.com, his independent law firm and food law blog. In addition to labelling compliance services on over 90 countries and food law advice, he regularly provides assistance to clients in relation to crisis management, food safety issues, food fraud investigations and import/export requirements.

Through partnerships with technical experts and other international advisors he can offer a multidisciplinary and multi-jurisdiction approach, to timely answer clients’ need in a globalized environment: he proudly works at the intersection between food technology, law, business and social sciences, building bridges between different sectors to deliver a strategic and actionable advice.
He is a well recognized speaker and he is involved in several scientific activities for private companies, public institutions and universities. He is teaching at LUISS LL.M in Food Law in Rome, at the Master in Food Law & Safety of the University Alma Mater in Bologna and he is guest instructor at Michigan State University Institute for Food Laws and Regulations.

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