Dr Ben Marandi

Dr Ben Marandi
Managing Director BSD Group

Ben Marandi, is a food scientist advisor. He is owner and Managing Director of BSD Group is a food regulatory professional consultant. He has solid understanding of food and beverage industry with good knowledge of food and beverage product regulation and compliance. He is a recognized global expert in standards, regulations, nutrition and is a public speaker for food safety and food law. He understands the importance of regulatory compliance for companies which plan to sell or export their products within international markets.

Ben has 20 years’ experience in food and beverage industry, with 12 years’ international experience as senior advisor to Codex in CCFA, CCCF, CCFSDU and European Commission. During this time, he played an active role in the development of International Standards and sharing best practices and guidelines to country delegates and NGOs.

Ben’s main expertise is in international food laws and food additives regulations, product development, food safety (GFSI), date coding, thorough knowledge of US, Canada, Codex EU food and beverage law, and health and nutrition. In addition, he has comprehensive knowledge about herbal extracts functionality and formulation in beverage.


Product Compliance, Product & Consumer Safety (food safety) , Food laws and Regulation, Product Development, Market Research for Export Possibilities, Labelling, Nutrition and Health Claims.


Ben has held executive roles as Director, Directing of Management and Operations, Senior Advisor to Food and Beverage Manufacturing Companies. Other roles are Business Integration, Creating Market for existing Products, Negotiating on behalf of clients with Senior Managements in CFIA, Health Canada, Codex and FDA. He is an experienced advisor and his clients are mainly CEOs and policy makers.


Ben has Ph.D. in Food Technology, Master in Chemical Engineering and Master in Food Law from well-known universities, Certificates in Strategic and Negotiations Management. He is certified instructor in Food Regulations and nutrition. He has several certifications and published numerous articles in food safety, food laws, product compliance, food recalls and product development.

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