Ir. Cornelis van Elst

Ir Cornelis van Elst

Cornelis van Elst has been active in Food Safety for over 25 years and is an international speaker in the field of Food Safety Compliance. During his studies (Industrial Engineering and Management Science) at the Technological University Eindhoven, Cornelis specialized in IT and quality.

Ir. Cornelis van Elst worked for Unilever Corporate in the Netherlands, England and India on management systems in the Food Supply Chain. During his work at Unilever he saw the opportunities in the field of automated Food Safety Compliance.

Founded QAssurance in 2006 with Martijn Bartlema, a highly skilled IT professional. QAssurance is the only global FoodTech firm, specialized in Real-time Food Safety Compliance.

Experts in setting up and maintaining Real-time Food Safety Systems for companies in the Food Supply Chain.
Developers of iMIS Food a Real-time Food Safety Compliance system for the Food Supply Chain.

QAssurance is active in Europe and Africa and the iMIS Food system has been validated in more than 1000 audits.
In 2020, QAssurance started the Food Security Partnership Program to boost Food Safety in emerging countries
with iMIS Food Global and a 5 day Food Safety Compliance course, working together with Larenstein University.

Cornelis is happy to take you on a journey into the world of Real-Time Food Safety Compliance.

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