Mr. Richard Sprenger

Mr. Richard Sprenger

Chairman Highfield ABC MEA

Richard Sprenger is the Chairman of the Highfield Group which includes Highfield Qualifications (HQ) and Highfield International. He is one of the world’s leading food safety experts and author of several internationally recognised publications and training presentations. Having over 50 years of food safety experience at the highest level, Richard has worked closely with large organisations to develop food safety management systems and training programmes. He has provided advice and consultancy services to Governments including the UK Food Standards Agency and the Ministry of Health in Bahrain. Richard has been involved in the training of environmental health officers in the UK, Ireland, Malta, Dubai, Cyprus, Mauritius and the Seychelles. He has been involved in developing HACCP systems for many large catering organisations.

Highfield is committed to contributing to improving global safety and developing internationally recognised qualifications, training materials and digital solutions that meet the requirements of specific regions.

Richard has worked as an external examiner on the MSc Food Safety Management Course at Humberside University as well as on the PhD and MSc courses at Humberside University and Salford University. Richard has been based in Dubai since 2009 where he is responsible for developing and managing the international arm of the Highfield Group, particularly in the Middle East, SE Asia and Africa.

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