Adel Emam Mahmoud

Adel Emam Mahmoud

PhD in food processing management professional with 20+ years of rich experience in spearheading manufacturing, operations and plant management across the food and beverage sector. Championed operational excellence and continuous improvement processes to ensure safety, quality, cost, and customer service goals are met. Beside my broad experience in Operations management and manufacturing, I served as lecturer in Faculty of Engineering , Cairo University , teaching undergraduates Entrepreneurship as well as critical thinking.

Served as an operational resource, applied best practices and executed change that links continuous improvement opportunities with short-term tactical and long-term strategic initiatives. What deserves to be highlighted is that as Regional Operations Manager, I have successfully commanded manufacturing and supply chain functions of 7 different production facilities across GCC and MENA. I have efficaciously promoted food safety and quality program initiatives within the plant environment. And managed the production of wide range of further processed poultry, beef, mutton and sea food products as well as some confectionary products to be exported across the MENA region.

Another feather in my hat is that I was entrusted to manage start-up of 3 new factories for further processed raw and cooked beef and poultry as well as fermented products and institute 6 new production lines which are considered to be high speed and high automation level in processed meat industry. I have effectively supported short and long-term organizational planning and strategy as a member of the management team.  I have dexterously handled fiscal responsibilities in the areas of budget preparation and adherence, plant efficiencies and cost savings initiatives. My demonstrated expertise in productivity improvement, monitoring, plant resource utilization, analysing variance reports and my ability to lead diverse teams and work in a multi-culture work environment, are skills that give me a unique edge from which to add value to your business. My attached CV details my experience. I look forward to the opportunity to meet with you to discuss my qualifications further.

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