Who Should Attend?

Who should attend the summit?

Food Safety, Food Security and Food Sustainability is everyone’s responsibility and requires collaboration and joint effort to uphold the public health and to render the best quality of life.

Though the Summit is targeting the people who are involved in the food chain, but it is an equally important event for all those people who are involved and have interest in the food chain – “From Farm to Fork”.

A list of targeted audience is mentioned, which is not limited to:

  1. Chief Executive Offices of food business
  2. Chief Operation Officers of food business
  3. Managing Director & General Manager of Food Operations
  4. Food Importer & Exporters Management
  5. Food Academia & Food Researchers
  6. Food and Beverages Directors, Managers & Executives
  7. Public Health Officials, Food Inspectors or Health or Environmental Inspectors
  8. Regulatory and Standards organization’s Officials
  9. Doctors, Dieticians & Nutritionists
  10. Food Scientists & Technologists
  11. Food Facilities Architects and Hygiene Engineers
  12. Food Equipment Designers & Food Plant Design Engineers
  13. Food Equipment Suppliers
  14. Food Industry Services Providers
  15. Pest Management Executives and Urban Sanitation Management
  16. Plant and Production Operations Managers
  17. Quality Control Managers & Executives
  18. Quality Assurance Managers & Executives
  19. Executive Chef, Exe. Sou Chef and Culinary Experts
  20. Restaurant Managers, Assistant Restaurant Manager and Supervisors
  21. Brand Managers or Brand Ambassadors or Key Account Managers
  22. Retail Managers, Food and Beverages Managers & Executives
  23. Catering Operation Managers
  24. Chief Engineer, Engineering Managers and Duty Engineers
  25. Purchase Managers and Procurement Executive
  26. Receiving Officer and Receiving Inspectors
  27. Stewarding Manager and Stewarding Executives
  28. Housekeeping Manager & Housekeeping Executives
  29. Hygiene Managers & Officers
  30. Food Safety Team Leader and Team Members
  31. Quality System & Food Safety Managers & Executives
  32. Food Science, Food Technology, Food Microbiology & Food Biotechnology Students
  33. Environmental Health or Public Health Students
  34. Public Health Engineering and Sanitation Students
  35. Fire Life & Safety Manager and Officer
  36. QHSE Managers & QHSE Officer
  37. Food Safety Writers and Journalists
  38. Food Safety, Quality, Environment, Health & Safety Consultants
  39. Food Safety, Quality, Environment, Health & Safety Auditors
  40. Food Safety, Quality, Environment, Health & Safety Trainers
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